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Honey and Honey Products (coming soon)

Practitioners throughout the world have used honey as a remedy for more than 5,000 years

whether it is mixed with other remedies and consumed or applied to the skin.  Our company is doing our part to promote health through action. Our Apiary will benefit our community by providing ways to strengthen the community by boosting immunity, providing pollination for crops, and supporting a healthy viable bee population. Watch as we break ground and setup our HighFive Hives at Willow's Apiary this Spring and begin our Sweet Journey to health!

Honey has also been used to treat and relive:

  • hiccups

  • stress

  • weakness

  • bed wetting and frequent urination bad breath 

  • the effects of hangovers

  • teething pain in babies older than 1 year eczema and dermatitis

  • burns, cuts, and wounds

  • coughs and asthma

  • sleep disturbances

  • vision problems

  • stomach ulcers

  • diarrhea and dysentery

  • vomiting

  • high blood pressure

  • obesity

  • jaundice

  • arthritis 

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