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Spring 2022 Bee Installation!

So how did it go you might ask… the 6 hours round trip to pick up our 4 bee packs each containing approximately 10,000 bees. We made back home around 5 pm. We talked about setting the bees up for the night and transferring them in the morning; sounds like a good idea, I thought so. Well, we decided to try and put in one or two ( lol hold that thought). So, Mac dawned on his bee suit size 4x ( Mmm looks a little snug.. mine is a size 4x too) yes just like I thought legs in, arms in butt… butt… that’s a no go … Mac tugging and pulling. Butt nope not in, well looks like I’ll need my smoker and off we go. Ok what did that book say, ok now in the video you are supposed to… ok now what oh yes spray the bees with the syrup mixture… ok now pry syrup can out and get queen… so far so good. Put the flap on … soak, hit box to shake the bees down.. now gently get the queen out and spray the bees tap tap drop to the bottom of the box and shake the bees in … here’s where it almost went south… most went into the box, but some was all over me, I had the smoker going and grabbed it, but ouch was that a sting? Yeah, and that one is too.. Ok give me the queen let me get her in there we switching to the find your way in there yourself method. Now bees are everywhere, but I managed to get the cork out of the sugar cube side put the queen in the hive and hand the rings to Mac ( Mac is blind) Mac is hearing the commotion.. Bea, Bea are you ok are they stinging you.. Yeah, Mac, they are stinging me, I’m gonna have to stand over here and smoke myself and talk you through closing the hive up… Lord this is hilarious, but he shook in most of the bees, put the 4 frames back in setup the feeders and closed the hive. He had his bee suit on looking like he really paid attention to the many UTube videos and countless audio books. Wow…and me looking crazy with no bee suit on smoking myself like crazy talking to the many bees flying around me surrounded by bees 🐝 squeezing the smoker … chanting… smoke don’t run… thinking you can’t outrun them anyway, lol chanting bees 🐝 are our friends lol.. lol. But they eventually seemed to realize what we were trying to do and just stop messing with me and last time I checked (looking across the yard through the window) the bee box looks empty. We survived 1 box of bees lol, 3 more to go, tomorrow is another day, we will be exploring the put the queen in the box an let them find they own way in lol… pray for us lol.. need to stop I took some Benadryl lol.. don’t ask let’s just say I’m not deathly allergic to bee stings…. Ok I have to stop cause I’m supposed to be blogging.. but today let’s just say I’m glad the tripod for the camera wasn’t delivered today until after the fiasco... now I need to find me a size 5x- 6x any x bigger than 4...ROFLMAO!

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