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Welcome to My Blended World of Healthcare Consulting and Bee Keeping!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Healthcare Consulting and Apiary?

My name is Casharion, I am a registered nurse and have traveled a long path to get to where I stand now. I have worked in healthcare since 1980. I began my journey as a certified nursing aide, where I worked alongside the nurses, helping with many tasks. I learned many skills; I learned how to do it by the book. I learn what they called back then, preventative medicine. I practice it still to this day. It was from this humble beginning; my healthcare values and ethics were formed. I've been given many opportunities along the way; I became a license vocational nurse I worked 14 years in this role I learned the art of managing monitoring diseases. I trained and managed nursing assistants and developed training classes and in-services. My journey continued, as a registered nurse; this path opened opportunities to share the old practices the long-lost art of bedside nursing. Charge nurse, homecare field nurse, homecare director of nursing, homecare agency owner, nurse case manager, nurse case manager supervisor, healthcare consultant, healthcare compliance officer, director of nursing for a skilled nursing facility and now healthcare consultant business owner. My curiosity led me to the Apiary! I have always heard of and have seen firsthand the healing properties of honey. I have used it on my patient wounds and saw it heal wounds, that would not heal using other traditional medications, dressing and ointments. I try to incorporate natural foods to keep me healthy and often wonder if the bees harvested from these medicinal type flowers; would the honey produce the same effects? I learned about the bees’ plight and how they are on the verge of extinction.

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Our company is embarking on an adventure, we will break ground in the Spring of 2020 for Willow's Apiary, we will setup our Beehives (HighFive Hive's get it lol), plant our flowers; we are planting flowers and plants that have medicinal properties; like manuka, elderberry, blueberry and more, our goal is to produce medical honey and honey products.

Practitioners throughout the world have used honey as a remedy for more than 5,000 years whether it is mixed with other remedies and consumed or applied to the wound.

I learned about the bees’ plight and how they are on the verge of extinction, their unique role in pollination and its relationship to our food chain! The more I learned the more I wanted to do something about it; I will open an Apiary in Spring of 2020, I will produce medical grade honey and one day become a master beekeeper; I will train and mentor others to keep our bees who keep our communities healthy and strong!

Improving Health and Well-Being Through Action!

We are living in a challenging time for healthcare; when following and maintaining good clinical practices is key to protecting the people, we provide care for. Our consultants, work with healthcare professionals all over the world! We provide accurate and up to date advice, consulting, training, and materials for compliance. Working closely with our clients to provide quality care to every community they touch.

Our Bees will benefit our community by pollinating nearby crops and fields and producing honey that will have healing properties to help our community with pollen immunity among many other documented and confirmed potential benefits.

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