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Casharion is VERY knowledgeable when it comes to home health care management and services. I had the pleasure of connecting Casharion to several successful home health care agencies in the greater Cleveland area with the start-up process. I can call Casharion at any time and never get a voice-mail recording. I am always able to speak with her directly and get sound advice. I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Casharion Kirk for all of your home health care needs and inquiries. Tracie Lee

Tracie Lee-Stingley
President, CEO of Nia Homecare LLC. 


I worked close with Casharion as she was support to my operations. She was great to work with and was extremely knowledgeable. She has a great demeanor about her and is highly respected with her colleagues. I would absolutely recommend her. Kyle Sinclair

Kyle Sinclair, MHA
Chief Executive Officer 


Casharion is an Excellent Professional, who is quite knowledgeable in the Home Healthcare field. She was detail oriented and provided valuable inputs to my company. Her work was well appreciated.

Ethel Freeman, RN, BSc. PH, MBA
Administrator at Best Choice Home Healthcare, LLC

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