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Casharion A. Kirk, RN CCM CEO

Casharion has over 35 years of experience in the field of health care. She is a seasoned health care manager and understands the delicate balance of leading and directing the diverse disciplines that are involved in health care.

Casharion specializes in:

  • Integrated business management principles and practices as related to health care.

  • Administrative nursing services and training

  • Bedside nursing, symptom management, crisis intervention, family intervention and case management involving the doctor, patient and family

  • Employee development and performance management.

  • Quality improvement management principles and practices.

  • Medicare/Medicaid Home Health start-ups

  • Pre and Post survey support

  • Health Care team education and development

  • Clinical service program development and Quality assurance

Casharion’s experience, knowledge and motivation helps bring about the vision, mission and philosophy of HighFive Hive & Healthcare Consulting LLC

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Tracy Lee.jpg

It is such an honor to write this recommendation
Casharion is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to compliance and structure.
I met Casharion back in 2007 in Bedford, Ohio and it was such a pleasure to work alongside her.  I had the opportunity to witness Casharion expertise in successfully expanding a small home health care agency into a very successful and lucrative business.  I had the pleasure of referring several of my colleagues to HighFive Hive & Healthcare Consulting and they were able to successfully pass the state audits/state compliance reviews by being under the guidance of Casharion.  Not only do I recommend Casharion as a facilitator and a strategic planner, but i recommend her for having such great professionalism and the ability to share her knowledge that promote best-practices within the healthcare field.
Tracie Lee-Stingley, President
Nia Homecare LLC.

Tracie Lee-Stingley
President, CEO of Nia Homecare LLC. 


I worked close with Casharion as she was support to my operations. She was great to work with and was extremely knowledgeable. She has a great demeanor about her and is highly respected with her colleagues. I would absolutely recommend her. Kyle Sinclair

Kyle Sinclair, MHA

Chief Executive Officer 


Cheryl Coleman.jpg

Cheryl Coleman
Owner/founder of Providers Home Health Agency LLC. Akron. Ohio
Have to share for GOD from GOD and for worldly generalized marketing for networking purposes. My agency (Providers Home Health Agency LLC) is preparing for several audits at the state and federal level. I was doing a readiness preparation study for my state audit through C.H.A.P. and had to stop and said OOH NO!!! when I got to the Emergency preparedness, I said can't submit I only meet 1/2 of requirements, I said GOD what do I do he said HOLD ON I GOTCHA.  Make a long story short my #1 homecare Mentor Has already written a book on this requirement and all I need to do is go online and purchase- Mind you this is only one requirement needed there are many many many more to go through. this Mentor, friend for life and nurse have all teaching information available in class form and book form to make it through these upcoming audits for home health care (Medical) and nursing registry requirements. Interested in starting a skilled medical home health Care agency message me and we can help get you started soon!!!!!!!

Cheryl Coleman RN BSN

Kevin Valis.jpg

I have known Casharion and her work ethic for over 15 years. As my Chief Nursing Officer with HRS Home Health Ohio she was instrumental in developing and implementing a home health nurse and aide education program. That in turn was a key component of getting CMS approval to bill Medicare & Medicaid for skilled services. I highly Recommend her as a knowledgeable and hardworking Executive officer.

Kevin Valis 

Healthcare Supply Chain Executive, Rock Creek, Ohio

Ethel Freeman.jpg

Casharion is an Excellent Professional, who is quite knowledgeable in the Home Healthcare field. She was detail oriented and provided valuable inputs to my company. Her work was well appreciated.

Ethel Freeman, RN, BSc. PH, MBA
Administrator at Best Choice Home Healthcare, LLC